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A Coaching Success Story...

Updated: Jan 18

After completing the level 2 disability in coaching course, I really wanted to use the qualification to push my coaching skills & use the qualification to help those who may not always come to a Golf Club for individual lessons. With the armed forces being close to home for me, I found the Battle Back Golf Programme is a military initiative designed to use golf to support wounded, injured and sick. The programme has proven to be a great success for over 200 serving & veteran personnel, supplementing the physical, psychological and cognitive rehabilitation through golf.

I was introduced to Paul (32yrs old) in July 2017 by this Programme, he is a single right leg amputee, with other injuries to his back, neck and shoulders. Paul has never picked up a club before injury, then whilst in Headley Court he got involved with Battle Back Golf when it first started and played for a few months. Due to work commitments, golf had to be sacrificed, fast forward a few years, and in Sept/Oct of last year he started to take it up properly and joined his home club Langdon Hills. Paul can play to a 28 handicap and working alongside myself hopes to bring his handicap down and become more competitive.

Paul had his first lesson in 8th August, as it was the first time I've seen his swing it was more about getting the basics of the set up right than a huge swing change. Paul struggled with getting the ball in the air and always hitting the ball off to the right. We worked on grip, making sure this was more neutral, setting the clubface to be square at half way on his back swing & trying to feel as though the club worked more on the inside on the way down back to the ball.

Keep an eye out on Pauls coaching improvements through the months going forwards. He's competing in the Battle Back Golf Championships the first week of October, wish him luck!

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