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Updated: Nov 26, 2020

I’ve always struggled with the pressure when I'm on the 16th hole, standing at 1 under par, thinking 'Just par the last few holes and you'll come away in the prizes!' …The amount of pressure we all put on ourselves to maintain a steady score in our round, whether it's shooting under your handicap or winning a match, we all know it can become a little stressful at times.

I've recently taken part in a workshop run by The Mind Zone, held at Maylands Golf Club, Essex. Having studied a small amount of golf psychology when I was younger, playing for the county, it is definitely something I've always been interested in but not really had the time to take too seriously. Since becoming a PGA Professional and coaching full time, it's shown me how important your mind is in the golf game, keeping calm & staying relaxed.

Attending the day was great, Gary & Dave showed myself and a group of mixed ability golfers how important psychology is in the game. Consider the amount of golfers who play the 1st hole great, stand on the 2nd tee, confident, and then take 3 to get out the green-side bunker, by then losing all concentration and confidence. The Mind Zone workshop can fix this, they have great techniques to help you maintain your attention, enabling you to have a calm mind, however you are playing!

The main thing I took away from the day was that you don't need to concentrate for the entire 4 hours when you’re out on the golf course, it's the “30 second routine” when playing the shot that's important... if you multiply that 30 seconds by the amount of shots you take on average - for me my target being level par (72) - that's only 36 minutes of concentration time, the rest of that time I can walk, eat, drink and chat away as much as I like!

If this is something you’re looking to improve, whether it's concentration on the course, getting rid of the ‘club throwing tantrums’ or improving your consistency of routines and visual techniques, then contact The Mind Zone now…

'Change your mindset, not your swing!'

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