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What Goes On During Junior Coaching?

Juniors Week One

Week One..

Our first week back after the 6 week holidays! We were definitely getting back into the swing of things quickly going over our basics such as grip, stance and posture. 

At the end of the lesson we all took it in turns to show each other our stance & posture - and for the eagle group even linking this with the differences it could make in our golf swing.

Warm up game today, divots & greenkeepers!

Juniors Week Two

Week Two.. 

Today we were thinking about our take-away and learning what a square clubface should look like.. this made a huge difference to our height in our shots and a little on direction too 🏌🏿‍♂️🏌🏼‍♀️

We always finished with a fun learning game, todays game was called Missiles 💣.. Taking on the skill of lining up, the girls had to bomb the boys circles and visa versa! 

Ps- How great do the NEW ACADEMY shirts looks! 😁👚

Junior Coaching

Week Three.. 

Week THREE already, slight change of plan to driving & woods due to the bad weather forecast- so we covered putting.


The juniors learnt about distance control using a cones game to collect points, however if they went past a line at the back, they lost points! We definitely practiced how much to take our putter back and through for different length putts. 

Using great team work also to count our points!

Junior Coaching

Week Four.. 

Crazy Golf Anyone? 

Even when it’s raining we still learn during coaching sessions and it’s still GREAT FUN! All 3 groups completed a rules & etiquette quiz, questions were asked about the scores on each holes and basic etiquette advice like 'where to leave your trolley when putting? 


We finished off our indoor session due to the rain and bad weather by practising our putting we did last week but in crazy golf style!


Week Five


Week Six

Week 6 is the parents 'watching week' - it's great to get mums and dads involved in a mini competition at the par 3 course which we are lucky enough to be joined up with. The juniors put everything they have learnt into this final week to show parents are improvements!

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