Tournament Golf 2021

The Rose Ladies Series.

(2) Woburn Golf Club

I can definitely say that was one of the hardest rounds of golf I’ve ever played! 6400 yards (average ladies tour event 6600, ladies British Open 6800 yards).

VERY happy with all my game, apart from driving! - Which isn’t good on a course where you need a good tee shot away due to a tight tree line!

Thank you to my dad who caddied for me, all of the organises, volunteers who helped us, sponsors and Woburn Golf Club for hosting the event! The course was stunning even with all 4 seasons today of weather.. Thanks to my playing partners Sammy & Liv for a fun game! & lastly thanks Justin & Kate Rose for setting up the Rose Series tournaments! 

Finishing on a positive, I got a spot for next weeks event at Brockenhurst Manor Golf Club!

(3) Brockenhurst Manor Golf Club

Absolutely loved playing in the Rose Series event today at Brockenhurst Manor Golf Club, couldn’t thank the club enough for hosting, how friendly the members are & I can’t wait to play the course again! If your in the area of the New Forest, I’d highly recommend the heathland course- it’s got lots of character. 


After nearly wanting to pull out of this weeks Rose Series event due to ‘not so good’ driving at Woburn, I’m glad I didn’t give up & even though I have come away with a worse score, I feel like I’ve hit the ball ALOT better today than last week - so I’m happy!


Sometimes golf really doesn’t make a lot of sense and you have the worse bad luck days ever (today) - even when you hit the best of drives, they end up in a divot.. even when you hit greens, they roll off...! BUT as long as you come away knowing you tried your best & you’re still smiling, what more can you ask for! 


A HUGE thank you to Debs Bowler for caddying too! 


Can’t wait till next weeks event experience at The Berkshire Golf Club. 

(4) The Berkshire Golf Club