Stuck In A Bunker?

After having a few busy weeks, I’m back with some FREE swing advice.. & as I’m feeling positive at the moment with my bunker work. I thought I’d show you how easy it is to control your distance out of a bunker!

During bunker lessons the question always comes up:

'How do you hit a long/short bunker shot from a greenside bunker?’

The good news is, there is only variable you need to think about is the answer!

- The speed at which the club enters the sand links with swing length, this is the one thing that changes to + or - distance off a shot.
- Think of it like a clock, if you swing back to 9o’clock, you’d go through to 3o’clock, mirror image the amount you take it back to the amount you take it through. This should give you 3 different length swings to vary your distance from a pin position at the back to a pin position at the front.

Have a look at my 3 videos below, can you work out which is the short, medium and long?

Lastly, don’t forget to check your basics during your setup:
- Ball position forwards ball
- Weight on the front foot
- Hands down the grip for control
- Clubface open slightly at address

- Always aim to take the same amount of sand